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Do you have project that you’d like to secure funding for? But you’re not sure how to go about finding a grant, or writing an application? Contact me and I can find a funding option and write it for you.

I specialise in writing arts grants for organisations, community groups and individuals.

 GRANTS – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

  1. Have a clear idea of the project you would like to do. What outcomes would you like to get from this project? What do you hope to achieve by doing it?
  2. Write down a description of your project using one or two sentences.
  3. Write down a list of 3-5 things you would like to achieve by doing the project.
  4. Contact me with your idea.

 How much money can I get?

Most arts grants provide $20,000 or less, and CD production grants are usually under $10,000. The amount granted can depend on the number of applicants awarded money, the long-term merit of your project, or the current government focus or criteria – in each round.

What can I get money for?

Arts grants can provide money for touring in Australia, CD production, marketing campaigns, art exhibitions or tours, international showcasing and touring, mentoring programs, and some song-writing or professional development opportunities. Grants are also available for festivals, one-off projects and business development within the arts sector.

What is not funded?

Grants do not provide funding to buy equipment; or for some training and educational activities like academic conferences or technical training; or for the core costs of running competitions or awards.

When is a good time to apply for a grant?

The best time to apply for a grant is when your career, business, or festival needs to move to a new level. Funding bodies like to see that you will move forward or develop your business by receiving funding. Projects that are well thought-out and that will lead to further work or expansion of the business or festival will be more likely to be considered for funding.

When shouldn’t I apply for a grant?

If you need to pay your phone bill, car rego or rent – this is when you should find a part-time job! Grants can take up to six months to process and you are not guaranteed to receive a grant just because you have applied. It is also important to make the grant application part of a long-term business plan and use it to help you achieve your business or musical goals.

What does a grant writer do for me?

A grant writer will advise you on the best grant available for your project. They will also write a professional document which matches the grant guidelines and will outline your project in the best way possible.Grant writers have several years experience writing grants in the arts and government sectors. They make it their job to be well-informed on the selection criteria and guidelines for the grants they are working on.


Grants are easier to get if you are already working towards your goals, they are not usually given to brand new bands or artists with no experience in their field.

If you are a musician, artist or band – start doing gigs or exhibitions on your own. If you are seen to be building an audience and developing as an artist, you will be of interest to funding bodies.

If you are a festival or business – you are more likely to receive funding if you are linked in with your local community, government bodies or local businesses. You will also be of interest to funding bodies if you are providing a service or event that does not already exist in your community and will benefit a wide variety of people within it.